per HOUR  

Most lessons are priced at £23 per hour if a block of 10 hours is purchased, but we run offers from time-to-time when the price can be as low as £21 per hour.

If you choose to Pay-As-You-Learn, the price is £25.00 per hour.

Refresher Courses and professional-driver training, such as Taxi, start at £26.00 per hour.  

For prices relating to civilian Advanced driver training, Fleet Assessments, Instructor Training and industry-specific specialised advanced driving skills courses, please contact us.

For prices relating to driving instructor Continuing Professional Development (CPD), please contact us.

Please be aware that all lessons, regardless of type are subject to a strict minimum 2-working day (office working days - Monday to Friday) cancellation notice period, and lessons cancelled outside of the minimum time will be charged-for.