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 Driving Tests

ICO_pdf_smallest.pngCar "Show / Tell" Safety Questions (latest version - 12/2017)


ICO_pdf_smallest.pngGuide to the Assessment and Marking of Car Practical Test.


ICO_pdf_smallest.pngRules for cars to be used on driving test - explains the minimum requirements for vehicles that are to be taken on test.

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New Drivers and the Law

ICO_pdf_smallest.pngRoad Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995 - Valuable information for new drivers - Don't have your licence taken away!

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Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) Leaflets.

Whilst we try to keep information up-to-date you should check here to confirm changes to rules and legislation.


Driving Licences



What you need to know about driving licences.


Your photocard driving licence explained.


Information on the new photocard licence.


Level 1 security features of the new photocard licence.


Driver Licensing Information

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Tiredness Can Kill - the dangers of driving tired.

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Driving a Minibus - the licensing position of drivers of minibuses not used for hire or reward. It also explains the position for holders of Minibus and Community Bus Permits.

ICO_pdf_smallest.pngINF28 Annex A

Guidelines on Incidental Driving of Minibuses.


ICO_pdf_smallest.png INF28 Annex B

Entitlement Flow Diagram.

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Health and Disability



The disabled passenger vehicle taxation class.


Medical Examination Report D4.

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Driving Licensing Requirements for Towing Trailers in Great Britain - changes in entitlement to tow trailers which were required by the Second EC Directive on the Driving Licence (91/439/EEC).

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Foreign Licence Holders



Driving in Great Britain (GB) as a visitor or a new resident - The current rules affecting foreign driving licence holders who visit or come to live in Great Britain.

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Number Plates



Registration Marks since 2001.

ICO_pdf_smallest.png Suffix and Prefix Marks - pre 2001

A list of suffix and prefix letters and the year they correspond to.

ICO_pdf_smallest.png Car registration and Number Plates 1903 to 2003 (CVPG)

 An explanation of the system in use for a hundred years.


Registration Numbers and You - information for cherished / personalised registration numbers.

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Registration, Vehicle Taxation, Off-Road Notification



A brief history of Registration.

ICO_pdf_smallest.pngINS107 SORN

Statutory off road notification - taking your vehicle off the road.


Registration Certificate Guidance Notes Information and Instructions on the new registration certificate, V5C.


What you need to know about registering and taxing your vehicle.


A quick guide to taxing a vehicle or making a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).


Wheel Clamping and Removal of Untaxed Vehicles.


Exemption from vehicle excise duty for historic vehicles.

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Car Clubs


ICO_pdf_smallest.png V765/1

List of vehicle owners clubs.

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