You've decided to learn to drive

Let's get going

By following a few sensible guidelines, you can get involved and on the road quickly, safely and affordably.

Choose a driving school

  • with a great team of driving instructors
  • that gives its trainees excellent customer service
  • which offers affordable tuition
  • which provides safe, clean and modern cars,
  • which promises to prepare you to pass your driving test as quickly as possible, but without cutting corners.

That sounds like The DriveAll Driver Training Co.

Our Approach

Our approach to your practical driving lessons will be sympathetic to your needs, caring and professional. We will take the stress out of your driving lessons and get you safely and confidently to being able to pass your Theory and Practical in the shortest possible time!

We will provide you with a Progress Card, where you will be able to see your improvement lesson by lesson; detailed handouts to help you revise at home if you wish; and an appointment card. Along with the expertise of your personal driving instructor, this will keep you on track to pass your tests.

You can take one, or two practical driving lessons each week - as many as you and your instructor agree is practicable and affordable. You choose how fast you want to prepare for your test and your DriveAll driving instructor will tailor the course for you.

The DriveAll Driver Training Co. has an excellent first-time pass rate and we often run fantastic Seasonal Offers to help get you started.

You can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re in the very best hands all the way from your manual driving lessons to your practical driving test and beyond, if you wish to undertake further training. 

It may have started from a simple internet search such as 'driving instructor Bournemouth', the result will be you, able to drive, and all the freedom that brings.