Refresher Lessons

Why would you need driving lessons if you already have a full driving licence?

You don't. You don't need 'lessons', that is. You can drive - you just need some help to bring you up to scratch.

The roads are busier, faster and more of a challenge now than they ever have been. This is one good reason to take a few refresher sessions with us.

Whether you have been off the road for some time, or feel that you would like to boost your confidence, we will help you with Refresher Sessions.

It could be that you feel that things have moved on and you want to update your skills, or simply want the reassurance of having a professional driving coach oversee your driving. We prefer to think of these as refresher sessions rather than refresher lessons - you've learned to drive before - now you just need a bit of coaching to bring up your skills.

Whatever the reason you wish to take some refresher sessions, we won’t seek to turn you back into a learner. You may have been driving for years, and are very experienced, so we won’t try to change your style of driving if it’s not unsafe. We will advise and coach you on improving your driving in a friendly and professional way. You may not have driven for decades and need more help. Either way, we'll find the right way to help you.

Fleet Trainers

The instructors at The DriveAll Driver Training Co. are Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Fleet Registered. This is a special, more advanced training qualification than the standard Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) badge. The Fleet accreditation means that your instructor has been specifically trained in coaching techniques to assess and advise full-licence holders. There are around forty thousand driving instructors in the UK. There are only a few Fleet Registered trainers.

Tailored Sessions

Refresher sessions will be tailored to your needs, whether that is related to general driving, parking or reversing, or driving a bigger (or smaller) vehicle than you’re used to. We can help you with driving at night, or in poor weather.

Even if you already are a safe, confident driver, a refresher session should help you optimise your driving so that you can save money on maintenance and fuel.

Call us now on 01202 300123 to arrange your first refresher session.